From Client Care to gentle treatment techniques, learn the fundamentals of skin care and Facials. Expand your knowledge to understand working with the various skin types and conditions. Become proficient in selecting products, applying and removal of products. Learn effective steaming, extracting and massage techniques.


(Student to provide Live Model from Day 2 to 4)

DAY 1 (10am to 3pm) Evening Hours Available

Arrive and Settle in for Introductions

    1. Professional Conduct
    2. Skin Anatomy
    3. Sanitation and Sterilization
    4. Client Care and Service
    5. Skin Types
    6. Skin Conditions
  1. Client Safety and Considerations for Facials
  2. Types of Facials
  3. Product Brands
  4. Room Set Up
  5. Consultation Forms
  6. Business, Marketing, Insurance

DAY 2 (10am to 3pm)

    1. Recap Sanitation and Sterilization
    2. Demonstration and Hands on practice of Mini Facial
    3. Discuss and Learn Facial Massage techniques
    4. Discuss Extracting and Steam Practices
    5. Demonstration and Hands on practice of Basic Facial
    6. Discuss Peels
    7. Demonstration and Hands on practice of Glycolic Peel

DAY 3 (10am to 3pm)

    1. Recap Skin Anatomy
    2. Recap Skin Types and Considerations
    3. Room Set Up
    4. Hands on practice of Mini Facial
    5. Hands on practice of Basic Facial
    6. Discuss Treatment Masks
  1. Hands on Treatment Masks

DAY 4 (10am to 3pm)

    1. Theory Q&A
    2. Written Test and Discussion
    3. Room Set Up
    4. Practical Assessment of Basic Facial
    5. Practical Assessment Glycolic Peel
    6. Recap Business, Marketing and Insurance
    7. Open Industry Q&A

Fees Include:

  • Course Booklet
  • Use of Products in Class
  • Digital Certificate of Completion
  • Digital ‘ESTHETICA CERTIFIED’ Stamp for your Social Media Profile

This course is designed to fully prepare you to be able to safely and effectively perform basic and treatment facial services. For those that require additional class time or practice, your fees include ongoing support so don’t be shy in asking! Practice makes perfect.

*Payments are non-refundable. See full Terms and Conditions prior to enrolling.

**Let’s get you Certified!

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